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SimpleParam was inspired by the param library which offers lots of neat features in a small package, however param has a tricky codebase. In SimpleParam you can either create Parameter or ParameterStore using simple synthax.

SimpleParam is certainly not complete and is missing a lot of awesome features of param and of course, has not been battle-tested yet. Missing features (such as Array, List, etc) will be added as my other projects that use SimpleParam will require them.


SimpleParam has a couple of useful features that should simplify creation of configuration classes

  • multiple built-in classes Number, Integer, Range, Boolean, String, Color and Choice
  • automated type checking (e.g. Number, Integer, String, Boolean)
  • automated range checking (e.g.Number, Integer, Range)
  • automated choice checking (e.g. Choice)
  • when bundled together in a ParameterStore, values can be easily protected (set constant=True) or exported (set saveable=True)